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Quality Assurance (QA)

Accompanying you to deliver efficiency and peace of mind

We act as your strategic partner, guaranteeing that your products or services meet particular requirements and standards while eliminating faults or flaws before releasing them to consumers or users. Our focus on efficiency allows you to provide reliable solutions that improve customer satisfaction and drive business success.


Better Experiences
For Your Business

Reliable and quality products tailored to the customer/project needs

Customer satisfaction and new business opportunities

Early error prevention

Reduction of rework costs

Opportunities to automate repetitive tasks


The Sofka Way

We start by deeply understanding your specific needs and operational dynamics. This enables us to craft a tailored strategy, precisely outlining the methodology, staffing, and optimal tools for each project.

Then, we integrate industry-leading practices and methodologies, such as Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), comprehensive test automation, continuous testing, as well as continuous integration and delivery. We also execute test automation, which allows us to deliver efficiency and guarantees quality outcomes with precision.

This proven methodology gives you the confidence you need for a seamless and successful release.

What We Offer You

Test automation

We leverage specialized software tools to automate tests and compare actual outcomes versus expected outcomes. This is especially useful for identifying bugs, regressions, and other issues more quickly and efficiently than with manual testing methods.

Manual functional tests

Our trained and specialized analysts conduct system tests at the service and GUI levels to proactively detect faults in both agile and waterfall projects. This assists teams in building and deploying software to production with the highest level of quality.

Mobile app testing

We pinpoint faults in mobile applications by evaluating their specific behaviors, considering various factors that can impact their performance, such as device variety, resolutions, operating systems, and user interactions. We leverage cloud-based device farms for automated test executions.

Performance testing

We help companies that want to measure the responsiveness of their software by simulating scenarios with high demand rates in environments very similar to production environments. In addition, we identify application responsiveness thresholds and offer guidance to improve response times, site reliability and customer usability.

Agile and continuous testing

We conduct testing tailored to agile work methodologies such as SAFe, Scrum, and the Spotify Model. Our continuous and incremental process enables us to deliver value from the early stages and even after the product has been released. Our quality practices and tests are the shared responsibility of developers, architects, QAs, and product owners alike.

How We Can Accompany You

We want to provide you with a service that adapts to your needs and way of working. Therefore, you can count on us in any of the following modalities:

Staff augmentation

We provide highly skilled technical personnel proficient in a wide range of QA methodologies and tools. Our experts seamlessly integrate into your internal software development team, contributing to preventing faults in your projects with their expertise and knowledge.

Parallel Independent Testing Team (PITT)

We establish an independent team specialized in testing and automation, whether to address a specific project or specialty or to support a pool of teams with different needs.

Consultancy and Automation

We support our clients' quality areas in fine-tuning, defining, and adopting processes, governance, and quality guidelines. We also assist in implementing strategies and software test automation robots.

Contact us

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